Sunday, 1 January 2012

Boys, Buttercream and Blogettes get ready for a Baketastic and Boobylicious New Year!

Picture courtesy of the fabulous   
Well Blogettes, I have been terrible at blogging this year.

A new job, a new home, a new car and a new attitude have taken up all my energy and time.

I have baked oh so many cakes, but neglected my blog.

Some of my favourite cakes of the year...
Mr Powderpuff's Birthday Cupcake Platter
30th Birthday Cakes for Frauline Aphrodita
Will's and Kate Celebration Cakes
... and my favourite by far .. Naughty Cupcakes
So .... this new year, my resolution is to share more of my baking and Burlesque escapades.

I have signed up to a new Burlesque course, am getting more adventurous with my baking and may even take to the stage with a cake based routine later this year.

The course is taught by Ruby Deshabille .. Check her out on You Tube below. 

So in 2012 watch this space ... Betty will be mixing up a storm.