Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Dressing the Part for Burlesque Baking

What a lovely sunny afternoon it is today in London town.

Perfect Tea Party weather!

Sunshine calls for lovely summer dresses, so I thought I'd share the latest edition's to the Vivien of Holloway's collection with you. 
Their classic circle dress (which I have in 3 colours now!) is now available in ... wait for it ... cupcake fabric! 
The dress is well cut and the bust so well structured, undergarments are optional. It also spins fabulously, when pretending to be Maria in the Sound of Music.


I chose to wear my blue floral one today for a frolic in the sunshine.
I often wear my Vivien dresses to bake, as well, why wouldn't I want to look fabulous whilst slaving over the stove.

All the more reason now you can get one adorned with fabulous little cupcakes.

The Cherry's and Plain Red versions are also firm favourites.

Dresses start at £69, so not bank breaking.

But shhhhush, keep this little gem of a shop to yourself as we don't want other people looking as fabulous as us do we!