Thursday, 28 April 2011

Cupcake Wrappers - The Fur Coats of the Cupcake World

Cupcake wrappers are the fur coats of the cupcake world. They transform your cupcake from 'Sandra Dee' to 'Tell me about it Stud'! 

Please don't confuse these with cupcake cases, which like a sexy dress can also transform your cupcakes. Cupcake cases are more everyday, like stopping your cupcake going out naked, not dressing it up for a movie premier. 

Here are my favourite places to buy cupcake wrappers. Be warned, they are expensive where ever you buy them from! Bare in mind 3 things when contemplating whether or not to invest: 

1. They are super cute! 
2. They are re-usable and recyclable 
3. If your a little challenged in the baking department, they will hide a multitude of sins. has the widest range of cupcake wrappers. 
  • - have more bold coloured designs than other sites I've found.
  • have some really bright and funky designs. - has a nice selection with a few wrappers that can't be found on other sites, like the balloon ones below. have some lovely feminine styles, perfect for a tea party. 
    Picket Fence cupcake wrapper from
    A selection available from Crafty Twit's shop on Ebay. 
    Picture courtesy of Sweetsassycake's Blog -

    I am, at some point, going to attempt to make my own so any tips or suggestions welcome! 

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